CareX was started almost 30 years ago in Groningen (NL) by a movement of squatters that created a professional concept for the temporary use of buildings and grounds. A concept based on trust and the good use of empty space by people who need a working or living space. Within the years the movement grew into an organization that is active in the whole northern part of the Netherlands.

On the moment CareX manage over 350 buildings e.g.: farms, schools, offices, industrial buildings. CareX houses over 4000 people and organizations on a temporary way. The biggest groups that live and work in ‘CareX-buildings’ are artists, cultural organizations, start-ups and adventures people. On several sites CareX works with artist, creative companies, owners and governments to create temporary creative and cultural breeding grounds (broedplaatsen) and hot spots in the city and region.

In 2013 I joined CareX and co-developed a department that is focused on developing projects for special needs of the society and breeding grounds in Groningen. Several projects lead to community buildings and grounds for artists, start-ups, creative, refugees and alternative housing. Each project is an adventure of its own. My personal contributions in realizing these projects are diverse, in general I can say that I develop the initiatives, advocate for the plans, create the communities and make sure it all works.
This is done in partnerships with colleagues, the communities themselves and the requested officials to make it all possible.
All projects are considered as temporary urban developments, bottom up and community driven initiatives.

Personally I approach these projects as if it are art-projects; a building or ground is the canvas, the members of the community are the colors and the result is like a dynamic painting that gives one new insights and stories.