In current art-research-projects I use structures in the urban landscape as a way to observe how communities, connections and networks work as part of bigger systems which function across cities or neighborhoods.

My recent work focuses on Port Cities, their overseas and hinterland connections. Fascinating and distinctive qualities of these type of cities sum up in topics as trade, immigration, mobility and industry, among other discontents of circulation. It catches me how they echo back and forward within a triangle of locations that have their own culture and circumstances.

These systems contain untold stories that reveal insights which concern us all and deal with issues as inequality, social planning and vacancy that emerge in a patterning all over the globe in cities and societies. In these grounds I find inspiring issues that are mingled in my art-research-projects.

I work interdisciplinary with film, photography, research and writing. Research is within my work not only a period of study and sketching, I use it in its diverse appearances and present research as an art-form.